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The Solutionary Center, located in Philadelphia, is here to provide the solutions urban America needs to strengthen itself with community support. The center hosts classes around trades, skills, conflict resolution, employment and other areas that improve neighborhoods and quality of life. All of these classes are FREE TO ALL

We are a community based non profit that puts the needs of everyday citizens as the priority to eradicate the consistent problems that plague our neighborhoods. 

Our Mission

Our goal is using a grassroots approach to combat crime and develop our community, while building a scalable model for major cities to replicate.

The goals and uses of the center are layered and have multiple approaches to solving very specific sets of problems. 

1. Provide usable training, education, and apprenticeships at no cost to participants.

2. Reduce crime in Philadelphia by 25% in 2-5 years. Showing a social benefit in the reduction of that crime then replicating the center in other areas impacted by similar violent crime and rates.

3. Provide access to space for instructors across various disciplines who want to teach skills to local communities, but may not have the means to do so. 

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